Nico Dezaire is the author of about 100 music books, published by de Haske / Hal Leonard , Timbre Publications and EMM

Nico was born on September 22, 1965 in St. Oedenrode.

At the age of 7 he received his first piano lessons from his mother, Ans Dezaire-Toirkens. At the age of 10 he started violin lessons with Annie Milder. During his childhood Nico already wrote short compositions, especially for piano.

During his studies at the Brabant Conservatory (violin teaching, violin performer and music theory) he developed his interest in music pedagogy. His first contacts with the music publisher de Haske / Hal Leonard emerged in the last years of his study, resulting in three publications in 1991: "My first-violin duets", "My first string ensemble" and "Four Aphorisms for piano Op.2 solo."

Nico developed simultaneously as a violinist. As second concertmaster and leader of the second violins he played in the "European Philharmonic Orchestra" in Brussels conducted by Jean Jakus during the years 1984-1991. With this orchestra, Nico made tours through the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Spain. He was also leader of the second violins in the string orchestra "Sebastian Strings" lead by his teacher Katy Sebestyen, second violist of the famous "Haydn Quartet".

In 1991 Nico took part in the composition competition "Graaf Unico van Wassenaar" and his composition "Dialogue" was selected as the best composition and was played by the Dutch Wind Ensemble and violinist Peter Brunt.

In 1998 he was approached by the publisher de Haske to become a external editor for the education department of strings. In collaboration with Jan de Haan, Jaap Kastelein, Gunter Van Rompaey, Jos van den Dungen, Ronald Slager and many others many new editions have been realised for strings. So Nico initiated the highly successful "Position-series" for violin and viola, of which he is composer / arranger. Books like "Position 3" and the Position Shifts " are nationally and internationally highly esteemed. Since 2016 Nico collaborates with his new Publisher Timbre Publications.

Besides his work as an author of music books, Nico is active as a violin teacher, theory teacher and introductory speaker for concerts of a number of professional orchestras, including the Philharmony of the South Netherlands.
He performs on regular basis as a electric violinist.