Nico Dezaire


Nico Dezaire writes from his early years music for very different instrumentations and in different musical styles, from classical to contemporary classical, from jazz to hip / hop. His music is characterized by a lively rhythm and balanced harmony. Many of his published music and musical works has been inspired by the practice of teaching and performing or has been written on demand of publisher de Haske/Hal Leonard, the largest music publisher in the world. Since 2016 Nico writes for a new Publisher Timbre Publications

The 79 already published books with his own pieces and arrangements are being sold worldwide. Strings teachers are enthusiastic about the fresh style, the mix of popular and classical styles and well-thought structure of the books. He has also written a number of pieces for different soloists, ensembles, orchestras and choirs.

Of course Nico is affiliated to Buma Stemra Foundation and his compositions are all documented there.