Other Compositions


Four Aphorisms op.2 (1992)

4 short piano pieces for the pianist in the medium-advanced level. In these pieces Nico Dezaire used some of the composition techniques, used in the 20th century. In Part 1, "Inventio" it’s bi-tonality, chords consisting quarters and  variable metric. In Part 2 "misterioso" you will find the gamelan-structures of Claude Debussy, and the idea of new modes of Olivier Messiaen. Part 3, "scherzo" is a bright and biting piece: a round ostinato rhythm/interval a la Bartok is the basis over which Nico Dezaire paraphrases 2 Dutch folk songs. In Part 4 "finale " certain elements of the preceding movements return and we hear a mirror canon in fifths, instead of the usual thirds and sixths, an idea again of Bartok.

Catalogue number: DHP 0920397-401


“Dialoog”, Concertino for violin and 9 wind instruments (1991)

This piece was composed for the “Count Unico vanWassenaer-competition” for young composers. The piece was selected as the best piece and performed by the Dutch Wind Ensemble and Peter Brunt, violin. The instrumentation is: Violin, flute (piccolo), 2 oboes, 2 clarinets, 2 horns and 2 bassoons. In this piece, Nico Dezaire combines dodecaphonic techniques with classical structures. Nico Dezaire has performed this piece with the Wind Ensemble in Eindhoven Museum Kempenland and during his graduation as a Violin Solist at the Brabants Conservatory, with enthusiastic reviews from press and jury.

Symphony Orchestra

Sinfonietta Jubileo (1988)

This piece was commissioned by the Eindhoven Youth Ensemble, conducted by Jan van der Peet for their 12 and a half-year existence in 1988 and performed in the Eindhoven School of Music and received a positive review. It is a fresh piece of about 6 minutes. Nico Dezaire used the techniques of Paul Hindemith and wrote  a modern sounding piece, attractive for players of the orchestra and listeners as well. The instrumentation is quite large : 3 flutes, 2 oboes, 1 cor Angles, 3 clarinets, 1 alto-clarinet, 1 bass clarinet, 1 bassoon, 2 French horns, 2 trumpets, timpani, percussion, strings.

Slavonic Scherzo (2004 en 2008)

In the beginning of 2008 De Haske/Hal Leonard asked  Nico Dezaire to write a short piece for school orchestra. He based this on a previously published work "Slavonic Scherzo" (2004) from "Strings Together", a book for string orchestra of his hand. He expanded it with some new themes that emerged from a piece about 3 minutes. Moreover the piece was instrumented for a very large group of all sort of instruments: strings, woodwinds, brass, saxophones, flute, guitar, recorders, percussion, accordion, for a new series of the Haske / Hal Leonard for school orchestra.

It was Nico's intent to create a composition, in the style of Antonin Dvorak, but playable for musicians with little playing experience. De Haske / Hal Leonard bought the piece and Nico Dezaire also made a special arrangement for his own youth orchestra of Art4u Music School Veldhoven, of which he is the conductor.

The premiere was given by the orchestra on Sunday, March 29, 2009 in Veldhoven in the Rabo Hall Art4U led by the composer himself. The piece was performed several times, in 2008, including in the EMU International Festival on May 23 and 22 in Linz (Austria) and the Frits Philips Music Center in Eindhoven on June 20.

Spanish Lady (2010)

Nico has written a new short composition "Spanish Lady". This is the pilot in a new series for elementary orchestra. This orchestra has 4 parts for various wind/brass instruments, 4 parts for strings, 3 percussion parts, a piano/conductor part and a melody/chords part, which allows even instruments like guitar and accordion to participate. The level of the piece is easy, students can perform it after 2 years of instrumental lessons. "Spanish Lady" is a special version of one of the pieces from "Positions 3, 2 & ½". The song has a modern character, since it refers to the electronic dance music, and by combining that style with typical Spanish guitar-chords and castanet-rhythms the result is a attractive piece to play and to listen. One of the percussion parts has been written for uneducated public that  can participate during concerts.

These recordings are made during the performance of the combined orchestras Parnassos and Art4U in Overpelt Belgium. The orchestra is under direction of Nico himself.


O mistress Mine (1989)

Commissioned by Peter Moergastel in 1989 for vocal ensemble "Flint" for 5-part mixed choir. Written in a modern, tonal style. Performed several times, including on June 25, 1989 in the Thomas Church in Eindhoven. Length approximately 4 minutes. Text of William Shakespeare.