Nico plays the violin on several CD's and albums. There are also several clips on YouTube, showing Nico as a violinst and conductor.

Via the Youtube channel of Nico you can see several clips of his compositions.

“the versatile clarinet” published by Munich records Munich MK 103906 (1988), Adagio for clarinet en string quintet from H.J.Baermann, by Arno van Houtert and the Bacewicz quartet.

“two moods” (1997), by the jazz-quartet “ the Swingcats ” lead by Frank Roberscheuten, and a stringquartet lead by Nico Dezaire and wind trio.

Violin Position series: Nico Dezaire played the violin part for these cd's of 4 of his own books: Position 3 (2002), Position 2 (2003), Position Shifts (2005), Positions 4&5 (2007)

Demo cd with 5 books from the serie “ De Haske String Orchestra Series ” (2009). On this cd you hear a string quintet and a pianist. The musicians are:

Nico Dezaire, violin 1
Jos Koning, violin 2,
?, viola
Christiaan van Hemert, cello
Ruud van der Meulen, double bas
Sergej Smirnov, piano

Recording of arrangements of songs by Buddy Holly and The Beatles, by the Slippery Road Strings and vintage Rock 'n Roll Band The Wieners