Nico Dezaire


Several works of Nico, interviews and reviews were published. Here a list of all reviews that we found. Unfortunately, not every journalist sends a copy to us so if you have something lying around or a review found on the Internet, would you bother to send an email , we can add the review.


When Nico's first book hit the market is was preceded by an interview . His first book was My First Violin Duets .

Positions Shifts (just like the rest of the series position) became a best-seller. On March 21, 2006 appeared the following review . Unfortunately we do not have the orininal but the text can be found on the website of De Haske Publications.

The Arco, the magazine of the European String Teachers Association, in Issue 3 of 2009, published a book review written on May 1st, concerning the " De Haske String Orchestra Series ".

Article on the  Position Serie and interview with Nico in the Swedish "Esta News nr. 2"
In the june magazine "Esta News nr. 2", the magazine of the Swedish Esta (European String Teacher Association) an article on all books of the Position Series and an interview by Mr Fredrik Ström of the Swedish Esta with Nico has been published . For both articles see "Esta News nr. 2" (pages 10-13 article on the Position series in Swedish,  pages 14-17 interview in English)


Nico Dezaire wrote the composition "Dialogue" and performed it with the "Eindhovens Blazers Ensemble". A review in "het Eindhovens Dagblad" was very positive.

Symphonic Orchestra

Especially for the 12.5 birthday  of a Youth Orchestra in Eindhoven, "Eindhovens Jongeren Ensemble" Nico wrote a celebrating new piece, "Sinfonietta Jubileo". An interview about the symphony and a subsequent review was publised in the "Eindhoven Dagblad".

For a concert of the vocal ensemble "Flint", lead by his professor of counterpoint, Pieter van Moergastel, Nico wrote the compositino "O mistress Mine", lyrics by William Shakespeare. The announcent and a review were published in the newspaper "Eindhovens Dagblad".