Violin Lessons

During my studies I got great pleasure in teaching and I made my first contacts with the educational department of the Haske. On the advice of my professor Cees Schoonenbeek I sent 100 arranged violin duets, which I had made for my violin exam methodology. Fifty of them were published in "My First-violin duets" During my studies I accepted a job as a violin teacher at the Center of Music and Dance in Valkenswaard, the Netherlands and developed a violin teaching method, characterized by balance of learning skills combined with the pleasure of making Music. Also characterized by balance between playing auditory or from sheet Music . Almost every violin-lesson begins with a brief technical exercise or explanation of new skills. After the building of a strong base I teach the relation between the finger patterns and different keys, in first position and higher positions as well and developes right and left hand and all musical skills.

Usually a student is studying a certain scale during several weeks and plays different pieces in this key. As musical material I like to chose as many different musical styles from classical to folk music, from jazz to pop to film scores. There is also attention to the auditory play without sheet music, and improvisation. The latter is based on chord changes but also by other assumptions, for example non-tonal. I have been influenced by Jan Kortie, a specialist in improvisation. I also give the student plenty of room for his own suggestions. Finally the playing together with other students has special attention. I advise all my students as quickly as possible to play in an orchestra or ensemble. I also teach some advanced amateurs, playing violin in symphony orchestras in the south of the Netherlands and train future professional violin-students. Besides violin and viola, it is also possible to learn to play electric violin.

Since I have studied piano at the conservatory (minor degree) I play piano accompaniments. When a student is giving a concert, has a (entry)- exam or plays in a violin-competition I play the piano. In addition, I sometimes also play on (electric) guitar, which in some styles, like folk music or pop music is more appropriate.

- Own teaching method based on more than 20 years experience, however, updated annually with the most modern methods
- Structured lessons
- Various styles from classical to jazz, folk and pop
- Ability to introduce own ideas by the pupil
- Always piano-accompaniment possible, guitar accompaniment is also possible
- Lessons in Violin, Viola and Electric violin for both beginners and advanced students
- Training, if desired, preparing for the entrance examination of the conservatory, including musical theory
- Minimal individual lesson lasting at least 30 minutes weekly

More information for private lessons in Waalre, The Netherlands (tel. +31 (0)40-2218360 or ).